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The world of payment processing is changing and facing many new challenges that come with those changes. From increasing costs of maintenance for outdated legacy systems, SEPA Inst implementation, need for 24/7 operational systems, and a decreasing availability of individuals working with manual, repetitive tasks; banks of today are faced with growing and escalating operational costs, and new, unprecedent challenges emerging at a quicker pace than ever before.

A revolutionary payments solution for modern banking

Our solution for you is ImPAI: a cloud-native payment platform that leverages AI. ImPAI addresses not only the demand for high performance real-time processing and task automation, but also offers a way to navigate the high costs and operational inefficiencies associated with traditional legacy systems. By providing a service that integrates AI, ImPAI significantly improves transaction processing, reduces operational costs, and increases user trust in automated systems, helping you adjust to a changing industry.



Stay within your budget with flexible payment options. ImPAI offers a pay-as-you-go model, billing only for what you use, or a subscription service with a low initial fee. Both options are tailored to fit your usage needs and budget preferences.


ImPAI is designed for scalability, making it perfect for banks of any size. Our microservice architecture ensures efficient payment handling and seamless integration with existing systems. As your transaction volume grows, our platform scales effortlessly to meet your needs.


ImPAI’s Conversational AI Assistant is enabling prompts like “find transaction” or “reject transaction”. It simplifies onboarding with interactive features and provides a built-in knowledge base with information about SEPA and SWIFT rulebooks. This boosts overall productivity and sets the ongoing innovation in payment solutions.


Eliminate performance issues with in-memory Redis technology, processing over 1000 transactions per second. Each transaction is instantly checked, balanced, and processed, ensuring reliability and efficiency. High performance minimizes latency and optimizes transaction throughput.


ImPAI’s microservice architecture approach enables easy integration and deployment, ensuring the payment system adapts to your business needs. The design supports integration with third-party services, maintaining process efficiency.

Cloud Native

Leverage ImPAI's cloud-native design for seamless integration and market adaptation without the need for hardware investments or extensive IT maintenance. Focus on your priorities with the confidence that ImPAI ensures secure and reliable payment operations, backed by robust cloud infrastructure and advanced security protocols.

A neat and polished workspace designed for high performance

Discover the interactive UI meant to boost the end-user productivity using our ConversationalAI. Users can request assistance in more than 60 languages for payment processing, transaction reviews, and application onboarding support for new joiners. Designed with end-users in mind, for the optimization of their workflow and tasks- we want to make sure that using ImPAI is as easy as pie.

impai impai
  • impai dashboard impai transactions table impai frontend
  • impai dashboard impai transactions table impai frontend
  • impai dashboard impai transactions table impai frontend
  • impai dashboard impai transactions table impai frontend
  • impai dashboard impai transactions table impai frontend
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We use the latest open-source technologies to ensure a modern, efficient tech stack that enhances your user experience.

Im-Par’s leadership team

With a fresh and dynamic team backed by decades of industry experience, we merge our deep understanding of customer insights and technological innovation to connect you to the future with our easy-to-integrate, high-performance AI-driven payments platform-combining innovation with tradition.

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Silvia Mazanova - Chief Growth Officer

Silvia Mazanova

Chief Growth Officer

Product, Innovation, Marketing & Growth

  • 15+ years in payments business
  • Led cross-functional payments teams & projects in Europe's biggest banks
  • EPC Payment Scheme management board member
  • Proven success in product management and driving innovation
Sertac Cetiner - CEO, Co-Founder

Sertac Cetiner

CEO, Co-Founder

Strategy, Sales, Investors & Partnerships

  • 25+ years in payments and software development
  • Most Innovative CEO in Germany Award 2023
  • Built payments platform generating 10+ Mio € yearly
  • Focus on sustainable growth and value creation
Bilinc Cetiner - CTO, Co-Founder

Bilinc Cetiner

CTO, Co-Founder

Technology, Data & Operations

  • 20+ years in software development and operations
  • Led Agile transformations
  • Improved product lifecycle and efficiency
  • Success in fostering collaboration across technology