Implementation Partners GmbH (in short form Im-Par) is a Frankfurt based, international fintech organization with a wide range of expertise in the payments industry, payment schemes, and AI leveraging. We offer payment projects implementation, strategic consulting, and AI-powered payments platform solution by bringing together a dynamic team with decades of experience in the industry from around the globe.

As part of our global strategy, Im-Par has established exclusive partnerships with technology and resource providers in Turkey (Ankara, Izmir) and India (Hyderabad). These partnerships are pivotal to our supply chain and operational efficiency, allowing us to maintain a global presence. An international company with offices in Frankfurt, Prague, Hyderabad, Ankara, and Izmir, we are ready to offer you a wide range of knowledgeable specialists in a wide variety of roles and projects.


Im-Par group with 42 people in 4 countries




ImPAI Payments Platform

Our platform stands at the forefront of the payments industry, providing a robust solution specifically engineered to handle the complexities of payments. It supports a wide array of payment schemes like SEPA Credit Transfer, SEPA Direct Debit, SEPA Instant Payments, Domestic Payments, SWIFT CBPR+ Payments, Target2 Payments, facilitating seamless integrations with existing banking infrastructures.


Expertise and Specialists

Diverse team of experts skilled in project management, analysis, software development, and testing roles. Team experience spans the software development lifecycle (SDLC), our proficiency extends to an array of coding languages and databases, including but not limited to Go, C/C++, Java, Python, Angular, Django, Jenkins, Kubernetes, AWS, Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL.

Strategic Consulting

Im-Par offers invaluable strategic consulting services. These range from the co-creation of strategic roadmaps aligned with long-term business goals to transformational expertise for company-wide changes.


& Partnerships



international fintech organization

42 people in 5 locations
(16 in Germany, 4 in Czechia, 11 in Turkey, 11 in India)

300% revenue
growth in 2023


Im-Par’s leadership team

With a fresh and dynamic team backed by decades of industry experience, we merge our deep understanding of customer insights and technological innovation to connect you to the future with our easy-to-integrate, high-performance AI-driven payments platform-combining innovation with tradition.

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Silvia Mazanova - Chief Growth Officer

Silvia Mazanova

Chief Growth Officer

Product, Innovation, Marketing & Growth

  • 15+ years in payments business
  • Led cross-functional payments teams & projects in Europe's biggest banks
  • EPC Payment Scheme management board member
  • Proven success in product management and driving innovation
Sertac Cetiner - CEO, Co-Founder

Sertac Cetiner

CEO, Co-Founder

Strategy, Sales, Investors & Partnerships

  • 25+ years in payments and software development
  • Most Innovative CEO in Germany Award 2023
  • Built payments platform generating 10+ Mio € yearly
  • Focus on sustainable growth and value creation
Bilinc Cetiner - CTO, Co-Founder

Bilinc Cetiner

CTO, Co-Founder

Technology, Data & Operations

  • 20+ years in software development and operations
  • Led Agile transformations
  • Improved product lifecycle and efficiency
  • Success in fostering collaboration across technology