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& innovation thanks to conversational AI

The payments industry is under pressure from rising costs and demands for better performance. Financial institutions are updating their systems to handle increasing transaction volumes and new regulations. These upgrades often require significant investment, and there is generally low trust in new technologies due to high costs.

Additionally, the costs of maintaining current payment and transaction systems are continuously rising, which emphasizes the need for more efficient solutions in the financial sector. Solutions that minimize costs while integrating technologies like AI, simplifying onboarding, and adhering to regulatory standards are scarce. Conversational AI is becoming important in addressing these challenges, offering a way to enhance service quality and efficiency without substantial costs.


Payments as a Service:
Your Gateway to Modernized Transactions

ImPAI brings a comprehensive suite of payment solutions tailored to modern financial needs:

Key Features

Subscribing to ImPAI not only simplifies complex payment processes but also ensures:

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AI assistant

In today's fast-paced environment, efficiency and smooth user interaction are appreciated. Our conversational AI-driven payments platform, ImPAI, is transforming how banks handle transactions, making processes quicker, smarter, and more intuitive.

Why Choose ImPAI's Conversational AI?

Built-In Knowledge Base: Provides detailed information on payment regulations, including SEPA and SWIFT rulebooks.

Direct Action Commands: Users can perform actions like 'search', 'approve transactions', and 'create payments' directly through conversational inputs, significantly accelerating workflows and simplifying user experience while also allowing the management of user privileges to ensure that actions are appropriately restricted to authorized personnels.

Multilingual Support: Services available in over 60 languages, covering all major European languages.

Proactive and Interactive: Offers guidance and suggestions, personalizing interactions based on user behavior and priviledges.

Enhanced Onboarding and Training: ImPAI accelerates the onboarding of new team members, with AI Assistant guiding them through the platform’s functionalities.


ImPAI as Collaborative

The ImPAI platform aims to evolve into a marketplace that extends beyond traditional service subscriptions. This marketplace will allow financial institutions to access and share financial services, promoting a collaborative ecosystem.


Marketplace Functionality

  • Service Subscription: Banks can subscribe to our services or services offered by other banks.
  • Service Offering: Banks can list and offer their own services on the marketplace.
  • Selective Accessibility: Services can be made available to the public or restricted to specific groups, such as banking groups, allowing for controlled sharing within the financial community.

Long-Term Benefits

  • Improved Market Positioning: Banks can strengthen their position in the financial market by accessing a diverse array of financial tools and services.
  • Innovation: The marketplace encourages the development and integration of new financial technologies, helping banks adapt to evolving technological demands.
  • Collaboration: The platform supports the sharing of services and solutions among banks, promoting cooperative& collaborative relationships.
  • Efficiency: The consolidation of various services into a single marketplace platform streamlines transaction processes, reducing time and costs.

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